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The Future of Conservative Dentistry

Alex Huszti and staff

Those of you reading this article who have met me, you’ll know that I’m not getting any younger! I’ll be 54 this year, but I still feel I’m 15 years from anything that even remotely looks like retirement. However, over the last four years, I’ve been searching for a young…

Meet the BelleDental Team

Dr Huszti and his team are dedicated to exceptional dentistry and conservative treatments.Meet our team at the below link 👇

Minimal Biological Cost Solutions

Every day, your teeth are exposed to a certain risk of getting damaged. Although strong and durable, your teeth are not immune to damage. You may not be entirely aware of this but daily activities, stress (which causes grinding at night), normal deterioration of restorations and choice in regards to…

Five main differences between a ‘regular dentist’ and a low- biological cost dentist

Despite what you may think, all dentists are NOT the same! Low-biological cost dentists, like Belle Dental, differ to your run-of-the-mill dentists on these five key areas. Our aim is to be as conservative as possible, reducing unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure. 1.      Crowns Regular dentist: Crowns offered at…

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