Dental Implants

Dental implants on a patient with missing lateral incisor teeth

Background: This patient came to BelleDental after orthodontic therapy having had treatment to open the spaces left by the missing lateral incisor teeth. All other orthodontic corrections had been made and the patient was old enough to be eligible for implant treatment.

Solution: The patient was scanned and the implants were ‘virtually placed’ using the software. Because of the tight space in terms of implant placement (as demonstrated in the photo below), a surgical guide was used to position the implants in the exact position prescribed in the planning process.

Photos 1 and 2 demonstrate how accurately the surgical guide can translate from planning to actual placement of implants. Both photos 3 and 4 were taken at the time of surgery. The patient is currently waiting for integration of the implants prior to the restoration of the implants with crowns. All dental implant treatments are subject to this planning process.

At BelleDental, we can organise a scan to assess the implant site, use this scan to virtually place the implants and if the placement involves fine tolerances, a surgical guide can be made to ensure the correct placement of the implant(s). The preparation, planning, implant site augmentation surgery and the actual implant placement and restoration are all done in-house at BelleDental by Dr Alex Huszti.

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