As you can probably tell, Belle Dental is a little different – and we like it that way!

We strive to set ourselves apart from other dentists through our less invasive treatment methods and approach towards dental health. We offer holistic dental solutions that address your basic dental needs including gum health, bite pattern, comfort and function. Once we are confident your smile is healthy in all of these aspects we can go on to address cosmetic needs.

To find out more about the way we work at Belle Dental please read our FAQs below.

What is Low Biological Cost Dentistry?

Low Biological Cost Dentistry is our dental philosophy. It aims to minimise any removal of existing tooth structure, which means Dr Huszti generally avoids invasive dental procedures such as crowns and root canal therapy. In some cases he offers alternatives or less invasive methods for these procedures.

To read more about Low Biological Cost Dentistry please see here.

Are you cheaper than other dentists?

Belle Dental believes in three measurements of cost – emotional, economical and biological. Our approach towards dentistry aims to minimise costs in all of these aspects. Dr Huszti believes that common dental procedures like root canal therapy takes a great emotional toll on patients due to the pain and stress involved. This is why he aims to practice proactive dentistry, which prevents these issues from occurring. He also believes in fillings over crowns where possible, as 5 fillings are often more affordable than one dental crown. Dental crowns also involve removing some of the healthy part of the tooth, which is a biological cost. In all cases, Dr Huszti will aim to reduce all of these costs for the patient.

How long does an appointment take?

Our appointments are completely customised based on the individual. Dr Huszti’s focus is building up the teeth, which can take time to look natural. There are no 20 minute fillings here at Belle Dental – we take time to get things right.

Some patients take three hours in the dental chair, however keep in mind that the end result will maintain more of the existing healthy tooth structure. Dr Huszti’s goal is also to fix teeth once and fix them properly, which is why he allows for a significant amount of time per patient.

Do you see emergency cases?

Yes, we allow time on a daily basis for emergency walk-ins. If you have a dental emergency please call us on 02 4946 9122.

Do you do orthodontics?

No, we don’t offer orthodontics. If Dr Huszti does think you need to see a specialist orthodontist he will refer you to an expert in that field. In many cases Dr Huszti can use his unique approach to dentistry to address issues with the mouth, such as gaps and crookedness.

Please read more about how Belle Dental treats gappy smiles here.

What are composite resin crowns (CRCs)?

CRCs are crowns that are made out of composite resin material – and are built up gradually, rather than constructed in a laboratory with ceramic material. In Dr Huszti’s experience composite resin is better at integrating with the teeth, and does not require the reduction of any healthy tooth structure.

For more information about our treatments or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 4946 9122