Splinting loose teeth with a bridge

Background: This patient presented with a number of lower loose teeth in addition to a missing tooth. She was concerned about the space left by the missing tooth, as well as the potential for further loosening of her remaining teeth (photo 1).

Solution: She was looking for a simple solution—by utilising a metal splint on the inside of her lower teeth we were able to stabilise the mobility of the lower front teeth as well as provide a platform for replacement of the missing tooth.

Photo 2 shows how the metal splint is used to stabilise the lower front teeth (this photo was taken using a mirror—the splint is thin and strong and is not visible during speech or smiling.

Photo 3 demonstrates how the splint is invisible socially and the integration of the false tooth into the splinting process.

Why this solution? The patient was young. This treatment did not involve any tooth loss and is completely reversible in case there are newer treatment options that she would like to take up in the future—the essence of Low Biological Cost Dentistry.

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