Dental Erosion

Treatment of Dental Erosion

Solution: Instead of further removal of tooth structure, at BelleDental we use a purely additive technique. We can bond resin directly to the eroded tooth surfaces to reconstruct tooth shape and function. This type of restorative process not only saves the remaining tooth structure—but also protects the teeth from further erosion by creating an air tight, water tight seal over the tooth with composite resin. By reconstructing tooth shape, we reconstruct function.

Why this solution? Not only does this conserve the remaining tooth structure, this process creates a cosmetically pleasing, functional outcome. The beauty of this treatment is also that it can be renewed at any time as it wears or deteriorates without having to replace the whole restoration (see revisions of existing veneers). Also, this kind of treatment is ideal for active young people; if the restorations get a knock or are chipped they can be simply repaired or renewed in one visit. This kind of ease of maintenance is convenient for patients and cost effective for both dentist and patient.


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