About us

At Belle Dental, we plan, we address the basics and we practice Low Biological Cost Dentistry (conservative dentistry).

Your visit with Belle Dental will begin with Dr Huszti assessing your basic dental needs, and then constructing a plan as we believe that Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. Our plans conform to the concept of Low Biological Cost Dentistry which aims to improve your smile without the destruction of any existing tooth structure. Dr Huszti has built his whole practice around this is a conservative style of dentistry. Keeping your own teeth healthy and strong is his priority.

Your first visit

We will always address the basics first. This is the very basis of conservative dentistry, as when the basics are good, we can confidently build on these with cosmetic dentistry or simply maintain your healthy smile through proactive/preventive dentistry.

The basics

  • Good oral health: Sound, clean, decay free teeth, gums and fillings – absence of infection
  • Good bite: Correct bite and healthy bite relationship to the jaw joint (temperomandibular joint)
  • Comfort: Ease of function during eating and speech
  • Good basic tooth colour: Light tooth colour (if tooth colour is a concern)

All plans start with an examination, necessary x-rays and study models. If your basic dental requirements need addressing then this will be our focus until we’re confident that your smile is fully functional, bright and healthy.

The 6 basic principles of Belle Dental

  • Address the fundamentals first: The health and function of your smile is our main priority, and we will always get the basics like hygiene, your bite pattern and your comfort right first. Definitive treatment (e.g. crownsbridges,veneers and implants) will be scheduled in the later section of your plan.
  • Fillings over crowns: Many dentists recommend crowns over fillings due to their higher profit margin, despite the fact that fillings reduce damage to existing healthy teeth. We always recommend fillings over crowns where possible as these are more valuable to our patients.
  • Nothing can replace healthy diet and good home care (flossing and brushing).
  • Time is of the essence: The greatest value/health benefit anyone can receive from conservative dentistry is the timely replacement of a deteriorated restoration. This is why visiting your dentist regularly is integral to your ongoing health, and maintaining Low Biological Cost.
  • Some teeth matter more: Some teeth have a greater importance to good dental and jaw health. Belle Dental identifies these strategic teeth and makes recommendations about these teeth first.
  • Prevent root canals at all costs: If you wish to simplify your dental care and minimise costs, you need to prevent the need for root canal therapy. This is done with proper oral hygiene and timely replacement of fillings before the need for root canal therapy. This will not only prevent the need for root canal therapy, but also possibly delay the need for a crown (all teeth that have root canal therapy will require a more durable restoration usually in the form of a crown which in most cases requires some destruction of the teeth). Prevention and minimisation of the need for root canal therapy is essential to the maintenance of good healthy teeth and jaws.

Low Biological Cost Dentistry

In everything that we do, we endeavour to be the most conservative that we can be. You only have one set of teeth, which is why we will be as careful as humanly possible with your teeth, and make every effort to remove as little as possible that’s required to properly restore function and cosmetics.

This is integral to the concept of Low Biological Cost Dentistry. Read more about this here. 

More about our clinic

Dr Alex Huszti is the sole dentist at Belle Dental. He understands the history of his patients, and makes conservative recommendations based on their unique needs. We specialise only in a number of disciplines, and if a treatment is required outside these disciplines we will refer you to a specialist who is excellent in that field.

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For more information about our treatments or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 4946 9122