Low Biological Cost Dentistry

At BelleDental, we aim to help you keep your teeth.

We understand nothing can actually replace your natural teeth. We take great care of your teeth and make every effort to avoid removing even a tiny speck more than is required to properly restore your smile.

What is Low Biological Cost Dentistry?

We focus on building up your teeth, rather than grinding or removing them which is often the focus of other dentists. This is how BelleDental differentiates itself, and this focus is what we call low biological cost dentistry – the core philosophy at our practice, and we believe it’s the best way forward when it comes to your dental and oral health care.

Sticking to the basics

We practice true preventive dentistry and Low Biological Cost dentistry is our main approach.

The benefits to you are simple:

  • You maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible
  • You have the lowest impact on your existing teeth
  • You save time
  • You save money
  • You avoid enduring stressful procedures such as root canal therapy
  • You learn unique and untold aspects about diet and home care that free you from the dental problems treadmill

Why low biological cost?

There are three ways you can ‘pay’ in dentistry: emotionally, economically and biologically.

At BelleDental, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that you pay the minimal cost when it comes to all of these aspects.
When it comes to defining emotional cost, this may be going through a stressful procedure that also has a high biological cost, or the fear of being ripped off by the dentist who only wants to get the most procedures out of you. Here at BelleDental, we distinctly avoid this which is why our patients feel valued, respected and totally trust us with their Dental Care.

The importance of having a plan

At BelleDental, we understand that the foundation of effective treatment is having a comprehensive, strong>personalised treatment plan. All of our dental treatment plans start with an extensive dental examination, including necessary x-rays and study models.

BelleDental places the health and function of your teeth before anything else. We address the fundamentals first and schedule further dental treatments as needed to give you a fully integrated and personalised Dental Treatment Plan.

We focus on making sure that:

  • Your teeth are free of decay
  • Your gums are healthy
  • You have the correct bite
  • You have no discomfort
  • You have strong healthy teeth and ease of function
  • You have a brighter, whiter smile with correct tooth colour and shape

Once we have assessed all these main aspects necessary for good dental and oral health, we can determine a treatment plan with the lowest biological cost. If these basics are good, we can also work towards addressing your cosmetic dental needs, although often times the basics are enough!

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