CRCs – Composite Resin Crowns were developed by BelleDental as a more cost effective, conservative, easily repairable and up-gradable alternative to traditional crowns. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY and SAVE YOUR TEETH BelleDental’s Crowns (CRCs) require only one appointment, the crowns are placed directly on the tooth and our dentists only remove damaged or weakened parts…

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    Dental veneers can improve length, shape, colour, contour and alignment of your teeth. At BelleDental we focus our efforts into composite veneers, as they do not require any loss of existing tooth structure. Feel free to call, or message us to find out more or organise an appointment to come see us #belledental

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  • Why is Food Catching Between My Teeth? (Part 1)

    Why is Food Catching Between My Teeth? (Part 1)

    Why is Food Catching Between My Teeth? The short answer is that it does! And counter to what many people believe, it happens whether you have fillings or don’t have fillings in your teeth. Obviously, it would be somewhat unrealistic to expect that teeth were maintenance-free. I carry a toothpick with me because I have…

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  • What is your risk profile?

    What is your risk profile?

    I have a very good friend who was in the armed services. On a visit to an airbase, he noticed one of the trainer aircraft sitting in the corner of a giant hangar. He asked, “What’s wrong with that one?” The response was interesting … Apparently, this aircraft had been flown as part of the…

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  • Pushing the envelope

    Pushing the envelope

    If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you’ll immediately understand that I’m really committed to conserving teeth. As many real estate agents will tell you about land: “God’s not making any more”. For each person, this is true of teeth. If you’re not getting any more teeth, it makes perfect sense to be extremely…

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  • Keeping your teeth for life

    Keeping your teeth for life

    One of the most common concerns of patients is, “How do I keep my teeth into old age…(and avoid dentures)?” This has been critical in the development of my restorative dental care. The best way I can help you keep your teeth for life is: Avoid cutting away your teeth unnecessarily! It is simple –…

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  • Minimal Intervention Dental Care: What’s it About? {Part 2}

    Minimal Intervention Dental Care: What’s it About? {Part 2}

    In part I of this series, I discussed the basic philosophies around minimal intervention dental care – saving sound tooth structure (i.e. not cutting away teeth), repairability and restorative life cycles. In part II of this series, I’d like to touch on how minimal intervention dental care is essentially focused on fundamentals -and why fundamentals…

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  • BelleDentals Christmas Holidays

    BelleDentals Christmas Holidays

    BelleDental will be closed on Friday 17 December and return on Tuesday 11th January. #belledental

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