Dental Crowns

Are your teeth damaged? This can be easily addressed using our CRC Dental Crowns!

Every day, your teeth are exposed to a certain risk of getting damaged. Although strong and durable, your teeth are not immune to damage. You may not be entirely aware of this but daily activities, stress (which causes grinding at night), normal deterioration of restorations and choice in regards to food and drinks can all damage your teeth.

Although many dentists view fixing these issues with crowns as a simple fact of life, Dr Huszti at Belle Dental can help you address these problems effectively with minimal biological cost solutions. We choose to use durable CRC dental crowns rather than standard dental crowns that require your natural teeth to be significantly cut down, to fix the damage.

What are CRC dental crowns?

CRC – or composite resin crowns were developed by Belle Dental as a more cost effective, conservative, easily repairable and up-gradable alternative to traditional crowns. Traditional crowns require two appointments, are made in a laboratory and require your Dentist to cut away a lot of strong, healthy tooth tissue.

Belle Dental’s Crowns (CRCs) require only one appointment, the crowns are placed directly on the tooth and Dr Alex will only remove damaged or weakened parts of the tooth– as a result they are only 1/3 to 1/2 the fee of traditional crowns! CRCs work to bring back the appearance, function and strength of your tooth and are made to look and feel just like your natural teeth, without unnecessary destruction of existing teeth. In addition, they also significantly improve the strength and durability of your precious teeth.


Why choose our CRC dental crowns at Belle Dental?

Dr Huszti wants the best for his patients through Low Biological Cost Dentistry. Belle Dental provides you with a modern alternative to crowns which benefits you and your teeth and also presents a number of benefits to you.

These benefits are as follows:

  • Quick results – The entire procedure can be completed in just one appointment.
  • Longevity – Although it is a fast solution for tooth damage, the results are durable.
  • Aesthetics – Our CRC dental crowns are not only made to restore the strength and function of your teeth. They will also improve the appearance of your smile because they are matched to the natural colour of your teeth.
  • Cost-efficiency – CRCs are not only low biological cost, they also save you money, usually being only 1/2 or 1/3 of the cost of traditional dental crowns.

If you ever do have a problem with your Belle Dental CRCs, they are easily repairable and up-gradable – as opposed to traditional crowns which have to be removed and a new crown made at significant expense.

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