Dental Myths Dispelled

Just like any topic that people don’t understand well – there are myths surrounding dentistry.

Let’s dispel some dental myths!

Myth 1: There is NO such thing as a Cosmetic Dentist

If the correct level of care and planning is applied to your dentistry… ALL dentistry is cosmetic.
Because we only use resins and ceramics for all of our restorative care – all of our treatments have BOTH functional and cosmetic effects.

Function and cosmetics CANNOT be separated:

  • Every ‘cosmetic’ treatment has a functional benefit.
  • Every ‘functional’ treatment has a cosmetic benefit.

Myth 2: Complex treatments provide the ULTIMATE dental care.


Sound, effective, basic dental care will preserve and enhance what God gave you. Anything that a dentist provides – NO MATTER HOW SKILLED – will be a mere approximation of what you were born with. Conserving your teeth with well planned, well executed, minimal/zero biologic cost dental treatments will enhance the beauty of your teeth as well as simplify and reduce the cost of dental care in the LONG TERM.

Myth 3: Teeth can be REPLACED with implants

Dental Implants CAN be Conservative

Yes, they are conservative of the surrounding teeth – as compared, say, to bridges and dentures. They are, however, very UN-CONSERVATIVE of the bone that supports teeth and gums. This bone is virtually as unique as the teeth themselves! When implants fail – often due to lack of home and professional care – they take with them large amounts of jawbone. Not only are you left with an ugly bony defect – this defect often results in the need to graft bone into the site. At Belle Dental, our motto is ‘Do it once, do it right!’. Careful planning and preparation goes into the placement of every implant so that not only is the implant site prepared carefully, but you as a patient are prepared for the requirements of implant therapy – success starts with the basics!

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