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If the teeth require restoration, we do NOT cut away EVEN MORE tooth to restore them as some other dentists would recommend with crowns. We engage in a totally additive technique, which is cost effective and durable.   #BelleDental

They say a picture is worth a thousand words ?

Check out our Smile Gallery showing some of our Composite Resin Veneers ???

?? The BelleDental Team ??

Your team at BelleDental From left to right: Charlotte, Sarah, Alex Huszti, Bronwyn and Racquel

Children and Tooth Decay

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children ??? Our modern diet and dentists neglecting to use fissure sealants are why tooth decay is still quite a prevalent dental problem in the young. Young children have a preference for sweet foods and are less disciplined around their home care/tooth brushing. Small areas of tooth…

Dental Problems? We Can Help

We are confident in helping you! Your dental health is really important! If you want your dental problems solved in an approach that tailors to YOU - Contact BelleDental ? 49469122

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Have you seen our educational videos ? The link below will direct you to a list of Dr Husztis educational videos! Is there a topic missing?

Fissure Seals

Dental fissure sealants can protect your teeth if they are prone to decay. Dental fissure sealants are one of the most effective dental procedures that can prevent tooth decay. These protective coatings are carefully applied to the grooves and pits of your teeth. Dental fissure sealants make your teeth a…

Transformation Tuesday ?

WOW check out this Tuesday Transformation! Composite resin crowns were developed by BelleDental as a more cost effective, conservative, easily repairable and up-gradable alternative to traditional crowns.

The Importance of Good Dental Health

When was your last dental examination and clean? Many patients dont understand how IMPORTANT dental check-ups are - not only for their dental health but overall health as well!

New year = New you!

New year = New you! ?? BelleDental can help you get that confident smile you always have wanted! Words from the dentist himself: "Dental health is the key... with improvements in health, you AUTOMATICALLY get improvements in stability & cosmetics!"

Hello 2019

But we love it! YES, we are back ready for 2019!!! We enjoyed our time off during the Christmas break, and are back fresh and ready to help you with all your dental needs ?

Start the new year off with a fresh smile ?✨

????????????? Book in for your ALL INCLUSIVE $240 examination! Here’s what we include in your first visit at BelleDental:   - A in-depth discussion of your dental concerns - Full charting and initial prioritisation - All intra-oral x-rays (OPG x-rays are referred to an x-ray centre that bulk bills under…

BelleDentals Christmas Holidays

Resurfaced Veneers after 11years

This patient had top up whitening done and their veneers resurfaced. They had originally had whitening and veneers back in 2007, they wished to refresh their look

Your smile is important!

How long has it been since your last dental check up?  

Caring for Toddlers and Children’s Teeth

? A cleaning routine should be established as soon as your baby’s first tooth starts to emerge through the gum. ? For babies without teeth, wipe the gums every day with a damp piece of gauze or a clean washcloth to remove plaque. ? As teeth come through, use a small, soft toothbrush…

Recent Transformation

BelleDental CRCs Recent transformation of a tooth saved with a Composite Resin Crown - CRC

Educational Videos

Dr Huszti has his own YouTube channel with all his informative and educational videos ? Click on the below link to be taken to a list which will direct you straight to the video you wish to watch.

Dental Crowns

We choose to use durable CRC dental crowns (composite resin crowns) rather than standard dental crowns that require your natural teeth to be significantly cut down, to fix the damage. Find out more here!

Transformation Tuesday ? #belledental

A Modern Alternative to Crowns

BelleDental provides a modern alternative to crowns which benefits you and your teeth and also presents a number of benefits to you. These benefits are as follows: ❤️ Quick results – The entire procedure can be completed in just one appointment. ❤️ Longevity – Although it is a fast solution for tooth…

Cracked Teeth

BelleDental has a simple treatment for cracked teeth, but also treatments to prevent cracking teeth, and in some cases preventing root canal therapies. Click on the link below to check out our video and find out more! #belledental

Need a Crown? or you have Broken or Temporary fillings? 

Been told you need a crown? You have broken or temporary fillings? At BelleDental, we offer a solution which looks like a crown, is virtually as strong as a crown, more cost effective and is completed in just 1 visit! Call us today to find out how we can help…

Transformation Tuesday ?

Transformation Tuesday  BelleDentals Composite Resin Crowns CRCs are crowns that are made out of composite resin material – and are built up gradually, rather than constructed in a laboratory with ceramic material. In Dr Alex Huszti’s experience composite resin is better at integrating with the teeth, and does not require…

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