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Stop Issues Before They Occur

Fissure sealants are the ultimate in preventive dentistry when paired with brushing and flossing Read more here šŸ‘‡ #belledental

Benefits of a BelleDental CRC are as follows:

Quick results ā€“ The entire procedure can be completed in just one appointment. Longevity ā€“ Although it is a fast solution for tooth damage, the results are durable. Aesthetics ā€“ Our CRC dental crowns are not only made to restore the strength and function of your teeth. They will also…

Dental Crowns at BelleDental?

Why choose our CRC dental crowns at BelleDental? Dr Huszti wants the best for his patients throughĀ Low Biological Cost Dentistry.Ā BelleDentalĀ provides you with a modern alternative to crowns which benefits you and your teeth and also presents a number of benefits to you. These benefits are as follows: Quick results ā€“ The…

BelleDental CRC’s

Our crowns are a little different We donā€™t destroy half of your healthy tooth. We use our own composite crowns to build up the tooth gradually. #belledental

Good Morning Everyone

We are happy to announce that BelleDental is open again to ALL your general dental needs aswell. We are complying with all Covid-19 screening measures. We do require you to sign in on arrival, wear a mask while in our practice and maintain to social distancing regulations. Thank you for…

Composite Resin Crowns

The versatility, strength, cost effectiveness and cosmetically pleasing outcomes make BelleDental CRCs a natural and simple alternative to the placement of traditional crowns #belledental

Why choose our CRC dental crowns at BelleDental?

BelleDental wants the best for their patients through Low Biological Cost Dentistry. BelleDental provides a modern alternative to crowns which benefits you and your teeth and also presents a number of benefits to you. These benefits are as follows:Quick results ā€“ The entire procedure can be completed in just one…

CRC’s ā€“ Composite Resin Crowns

CRC's ā€“ Composite Resin Crowns were developed by BelleDental as a more cost effective, conservative, easily repairable and up-gradable alternative to traditional crowns. BelleDentalā€™s Crowns require only one appointment, the crowns are placed directly on the tooth and we will only remove damaged or weakened parts of the tooth #belledental…

Dental Crowns

Are your teeth damaged? This can be easily addressed using our CRC Dental Crowns! Every day, your teeth are exposed to a certain risk of getting damaged. Although strong and durable, your teeth are not immune to damage. You may not be entirely aware of this but daily activities, stress…

Meet the BelleDental Team

Dr Huszti and his team are dedicated to exceptional dentistry and conservative treatments.Meet our team at the below link šŸ‘‡

Whitening Special

ALL INCLUSIVE New Patient Examination!

NEW PATIENT ā€“ SPECIAL OFFERBook in for your ALL INCLUSIVE $240 new patient examination! Hereā€™s what we include in your first visit at BelleDental: All intra-oral x-rays(OPG x-rays are referred to an x-ray centre that bulk bills under medicare)FullĀ set of photosĀ of your teethFull chartingĀ and initial prioritisationAĀ in-depthĀ discussion of your dental concernsInformativeĀ Dental Fact SheetsĀ to answer…

Donā€™t pay through your teeth

Lowest Biological Cost Dentistry means minimising procedures which damage the teeth. Read more here: #belledental

Restore your smileā€™s strength

Dr Huszti can restore the strength and endurance of worn down or eroded teeth. #belledental

Throwback to this incredible Transformation Tuesday!!

Tooth Erosion treated conservative with our BelleDental Build Ups šŸ˜ #belledental #tootherosion

Guide on Baby Teeth

#belledental #babyteeth

BelleDental’s New ‘foamies’

Our patients are loving our new 'foamies' safety glasses #belledental


Book your Dental Check UpBrush twice a dayFloss once a day #belledental


BelleDental CRC’s

BelleDental CRC's can rebuild teeth to a similar appearance, strength and functionality of conventional crowns with the added benefits of being much more conservative of tooth structure, repairable. #belledental

BelleDentals Christmas Holidays

Direct Resin Veneers (Zero Cutting of Tooth)

Direct Resin Veneers have a multitude of uses - They can be used to improve function, enhance the colour and shape of teeth, modify tooth position as well as restore teeth that have suffered trauma. Direct Resin Veneers can do all this without cutting your teeth! and can be completed…

Transformation Tuesday šŸ˜

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