Veneers (Resin)

Revisions of Existing Resin Veneers

Background: This patient had veneers done about 8 years ago and there has been some subsequent deterioration and some new decay. The patient was happy with their smile and basically wanted to refresh the cosmetic work.

Solution: The simple solution with direct resin dentistry is to renew/resurface the veneers with new resin. This is a conservative procedure that does not involve any disturbance of the deeper layers of the existing restorations. Any decay/deteriorated resin can be removed. The outer surface of the resin veneers can be trimmed back (without disturbance of the deeper layers) and new resin can be bonded over the existing, sound remaining resin. It’s clear in the photos, that the colour can be adjusted and shape changed/improved if desired. The expectation of Belle Dental is that our resin veneers will last cosmetically 8—12 years. At this time, treatments can be reviewed and repaired periodically without having to undergo major reconstruction. This also ensures that there is minimal disturbance to the underlying teeth, which greatly reduces the need for more invasive treatments such as root canal therapy. The resurfacing of these veneers involved about 2/3 of the original fee for the veneers.

Why this solution? It was simple, cost effective, took one appointment and the most conservative solution. In 4 hours this patient had a renewed smile.

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