Crowns (CRCs)

A direct comparison to traditional crowns

Background: This patient presented with a number of large broken down fillings. The patient had a standing recommendation regarding placement of crowns, however, there was no indication that the old fillings were to be replaced prior to the placement of the crowns.

Solution: The existing fillings demonstrated the presence of active decay as well as being broken down. Placing Belle Dental CRCs allowed us to restore the broken teeth as well as provide a durable, long lasting restoration. Belle Dental CRCs are a cost effective, conservative alternative to the placement of crowns on teeth. It is the belief of Belle Dental that they are just as strong as crowns, have a lower biological cost, are repairable and half the cost of traditional crowns.

Why this solution? The versatility, strength, cost effectiveness and cosmetically pleasing outcomes make Belle Dental CRCs a natural and simple alternative to the placement of traditional crowns.

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