ALL INCLUSIVE – New Patient Examination

In everything we do at Belle Dental, it is our objective to do things ONCE, get them right and in keeping with your treatment and care objectives.

To do this, we need to spend time with you to determine you concerns, priorities and expectations regarding dental care.

We do this in our ALL INCLUSIVE $199 new patient examination—Which includes:

  1. All intra-oral x-rays (OPG x-rays are referred to an x-ray centre that bulk bills under medicare)
  2. Full set of photos of your teeth
  3. Full charting and initial prioritization
  4. A discussion of your dental concerns
  5. Information sheets regarding your concerns
  6. Thorough basic cleaning of your teeth including customized home care instruction and starting materials (gum disease may incur further fees) delivered by our Oral Therapist Bronwyn White
  7. Saliva testing in patients who are at risk of dental disease due to impaired saliva function
  8. Any impressions that may be required
  9. A 30 minute appointment with Alex Huszti to discuss your treatment plan that is independent of the influence of health funds or any other outside influences (which is why we have a fee associated with our recommendations—it’s YOUR assurance of INTEGRITY). Belledental is about independent health care—our objective is to give you the care and information to achieve COMPLETE dental stability—independent of any insurance company or dental practice. This appointment with Alex Huszti is a separate visit.
  10. Unlimited review and alteration to the written & costed treatment plan ensuring that it meets with all of your expectations regarding dental care.

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