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Friday Funday ??

This ones for the husbands out there! ?? Check out our Facebook page #belledental

ALL INCLUSIVE – New Patient Examination

In everything we do at BelleDental, our plan is to do things ONCE, get it right and offer you the best treatment and care for your needs. To do this, we need to spend extra time with you to discuss your concerns, priorities and expectations regarding dental care. NEW PATIENT – SPECIAL OFFER…

Happy Birthday Girls

The BelleDental Team had a lovely lunch celebrating Racquels and Charlottes birthdays ? Happy Birthday again to Racquel for yesterday, and Happy Birthday to Charlotte for tomorrow!

Worn or Eroded Teeth?

Are you suffering from eroded or worn down teeth? Not happy with your smile in photos? Stop suffering in silence... We want to HELP you get your confident smile back! ?? Contact us to find out more ? 4946 9122

Transformation Tuesday ? #belledental

Worn Teeth? We have a conservative treatment to help you get your smile back    


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Dental Implants

What you need to know about Dental Implants! Painless implants! Yes please! Contact us today for a consultation ? 4946 9122

Keep Your Teeth For Life!

With the right dental advice it is possible to develop a PERSONALISED treatment plan that addresses YOUR dental concerns, allowing you to progress to dental stability and keeping your teeth for life!! Watch Dr Huszti's video to find out how! #belledental

Friday Funday at #belledental ??


We have lots of before and afters @belledentalvalentine #belledental

Dont cut away your teeth! SAVE THEM Less cutting of your teeth! It is possible to keep your teeth for life! Check out our new Facebook video on saving your teeth!! #belledental

Less is More

At BelleDental we believe that less is more: LESS cutting away of teeth means MORE natural tooth strength LESS visits means MORE convenience LESS talking means we listen MORE LESS pressure means MORE options LESS automation means MORE innovation If you’re looking for more from your dental care –…

Who we are

Our Story BelleDental offers personalised care and a holistic approach to dental solutions in Valentine, and aims to inspire peoples' minds about what dentistry should entail. Dr Alex Huszti is our dentist at BelleDental, and ensures that each of his patients receive consistently great care with his 20 years of…

Have you seen our recent transformation!!!

Our results speak for themselves! Have you seen our recent transformation on Facebook? Before and After Veneer Transformation - HAVE A LOOK!

Transformation Tuesday – Dont miss out!!

Did you miss our Transformation Tuesday post! If you haven't already, head to our Facebook page and make sure your following us! While your there, we would love you to share us with your friends and family  :)

Make 2018 YOUR year – Get smiling again with our special offer for New Patients

Make 2018 YOUR year - Get smiling again with our special offer for New Patients Check out Dr Alex Huszti's new video on our Facebook page!! If you haven't liked our page yet... Your missing out! Head over there and give BelleDental a thumbs up #belledental

You CAN achieve dental stability with the correct foundations

I often see patients that have complex problems, even they know that they have complex problems, because their teeth don't look right. The beauty of adaptive dental care is that we can set our patients on the right path often in one long appointment. This kind of dentistry deals with…

Five main differences between a ‘regular dentist’ and a low- biological cost dentist

Despite what you may think, all dentists are NOT the same! Low-biological cost dentists, like Belle Dental, differ to your run-of-the-mill dentists on these five key areas. Our aim is to be as conservative as possible, reducing unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure. 1.      Crowns Regular dentist: Crowns offered at…

3 ways visiting your dentist will improve your overall health

The New Year is the perfect time to reassess your health and make some of those changes you’ve been putting off. Eating right and exercising more are usually at the top of the list, but have you thought about your smile? Read through this list to see how your dentist…

Teeth Whitening: How Belle Dental Does it

Teeth whitening, although it has recently gained popularity, has been available for over 20 years. The techniques and materials have been refined to improve results. Essentially, teeth whitening involves the placement of a peroxide against the tooth surface. The peroxide is absorbed by the tooth. The peroxide molecules interact with…

Veneers: What is best for you?

Direct Resin Veneers Vs Ceramic Conservative At Belle Dental Newcastle, we believe in being as careful and conservative with your teeth as is humanly possible – to this end, we will never remove a speck more tooth than is necessary to achieve your restorative and cosmetic goals. Therefore, when it comes to…

Do you really need that Crown?

Dental Crowns In Newcastle for Your Teeth’s Support You may have had this experience… You’ve broken a reasonably big filling – it feels pretty big to your tongue anyway! You make an appointment with your dentist and you’re told you need a dental crown. But… Do you REALLY need a crown? There are…

Dental Myths Dispelled

Just like any topic that people don’t understand well – there are myths surrounding dentistry. Let’s dispel some dental myths! Myth 1: There is NO such thing as a Cosmetic Dentist If the correct level of care and planning is applied to your dentistry… ALL dentistry is cosmetic. Because we only…

4 Critical Ways to Minimise Your Dental Care

You must spend more time cleaning your teeth and mouth compared to cleaning your butt. ZERO BIOLOGICAL COST – the ideal of good dental care Find a HAPPY DENTAL HOME! Believe: Dental Stability IS REAL AND ACHIEVABLE. Here are the 4 key factors that Belle Dental believes WILL simplify your…

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